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Note: Image is only a representation of the coilovers.  TEIN doesn't have vehicle specific images.  Your coilover will be specific to your vehicle.  If you have any questions about this kit, please contact us.


The TEIN Mono Sport Coilovers are perfect for drivers looking for a high performance suspension. These coilovers feature a 16-way adjustable dampening system, allowing you to dial in the perfect ride. The Mono Sport Coilovers also feature a full-length adjustment for the ride height and spring pre-load, allowing you to customize the handling and look of your car. These coilovers are designed to provide maximum control and stability on the track, while still being comfortable enough for everyday driving. With the TEIN Mono Sport Coilovers, you can have the best of both worlds.


Part Number: GSK00-71SS3

Series: Mono Sport
Springs Specifications:
Spring Rate:
- Front: 16.0K (200mm)
- Rear: 9.0K (250mm)

Stock Height Difference (mm):
- Front: -20
- Rear: -20

Max Adjustability (mm):
- Front: -67 ~ +45
- Rear: -92 ~ +41

Recommended Adjustability (mm):
- Front: -30 ~ -10
- Rear: -30 ~ -10

Upper Mounts:
- Front: Rubber Upper
- Rear: Rubber Upper

- Full-Length Ride Height Adjustment Feature with Little or No Change in Ride Quality
- Mono-Tube Structure for Ultra Low Resiliency & Securing Sufficient Stroke
- Damping Force Adjustment System, 16-level Linear Damping Force Adjustment System
- Complete Kit with Upper Mount Included (Except Some Models)
- 1-Full-Car-Kit complete Suspension Kit of 4 Shock Absorbers & 4 Springs



Nissan GT-R R35 VR38DETT (11/2007-11/2010)
Nissan GT-R R35 VR38DETT (11/2010-06/2016)
Nissan GT-R R35 VR38DETT (07/2016~)

TEIN Mono Sport Coilovers R35 GTR

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