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  • Direct fit for the 2013+ Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S
  • Provides 10 whp / 8 wtq gains while maintaining A/F ratios with no additional tuning
  • Improves engine tone
  • Mandrel-bent aluminum intake piping includes CNC-machined
  • Available with a polished or wrinkle black finish
  • MAF housing and air straightener
  • Fully serviceable oiled air filter provides 16-percent increase in filter surface area compared to the stock filter
  • Powder-coated air diverter plate provides ample airflow to both the radiator and intake filter
  • True cold-air design places the filter outside the hot engine bay
  • Smooth piping eliminates restrictions and improves airflow
  • Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty


Add easy horsepower to your 2013+ BRZ/GT86/FRS with the Mishimoto Performance Air Intake! This Performance Intake developed with a 10 whp/8 wtq bolt-on power increase. In addition to the power increase, the engineering team at Mishimoto ensured that safe A/F ratios are maintained throughout the entire powerband. The core of this intake from Mishimoto is the mandrel-bent aluminum intake pipe that provides a smooth path for airflow. Additionally, the CNC-machined mass airflow (MAF) housing and air straightener ensure laminar airflow across the sensor to provide accurate readings.


The kit also includes a fully serviceable Mishimoto oiled air filter, which provides a 16% increase in filter surface area, allowing for greater airflow and superior filtration. This intake is designed as a true cold-air system, with filter placement outside the hot engine bay to reduce the chance of heat soak. The Mishimoto BRZ/GT86/FRS Performance Cold-Air Intake includes a powder-coated air diverter that mounts behind the front bumper and ensures that the radiator, AC condenser, and air intake are supplied with copious amounts of cool air. It is a huge upgrade for intake noise and provides a nice throaty intake tone, especially under full throttle and, as with every Mishimoto Intake, this Intake includes the Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty so you can have peace of mind!!




Mishimoto Cold-Air Intake Kit BRZ/GT86/FRS

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