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  • Direct fit for Nissan RB26DETT

  • Designed for extreme boost and high RPM racing

  • Made from ultra clean Silicon Chrome spring steel with a higher fatigue resistance compared to other spring steels

  • Heat treating and post processing is the highest quality available

  • High frequency spring design to reduce spring surge at high operating RPM


The Kelford Extreme Beehive Spring Set w/ Titanium Retainers is the perfect choice for those who want to get the best performance out of their engine. Kelford springs are designed with a unique beehive shape for improved valve control and increased lift, and the titanium retainers provide extra strength and durability. This spring set is ideal for high-performance applications and can handle the extreme conditions of racing engines. With this set, you can rest assured that your engine will perform at its best.



  • 125lb seat pressure at 35.0mm installed height

  • 244lbs at 11.0mm valve lift

  • Coil bind 22.0mm
  • Maximum valve lift 12.00mm
  • Includes spring seats to set the correct spring installed height




Kelford Extreme Beehive Spring Set w/ Titanium Retainers RB26DETT

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