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Kelford Camshafts are high-performance camshafts designed to provide superior power and torque. They are made from the highest-grade materials and are precision CNC machined for optimum performance. With Kelford Camshafts, you can expect improved horsepower, torque, and throttle response, as well as enhanced engine durability. Whether you're looking to increase your engine's performance or just maintain its longevity, Kelford Camshafts are the perfect solution.




266/260 (2-189-A)~10.75mm/10.35mm Valve Lift.

Stage 1 cam to suit mild naturally aspirated engine builds for fast street performance.


282/272 (2-189-B)~11.50mm/11.00mm Valve Lift.

Stage 2 cam to suit strong naturally aspirated engine builds. Ideal specification for fast street performance and time attack competition.


302/292 (2-189-C)~11.50mm/11.00mm Valve Lift.

Stage 3 cam to suit ultimate, fully modified naturaly aspirated engine builds with high compression, Cosworth manifold or IR system. Suitable for racing only.


262/258 (T2-189-A)~10.75mm/10.70mm Valve Lift.

Stage 1 cam to suit turbocharged engine build for fast street performance.


272/272 (T2-189-B)~11.00mm/11.00mm Valve Lift.

Stage 2 cam to suit turbocharged engine builds for super lap or wild street performance.


288/288 (T2-189-C)~11.50mm/11.50mm Valve Lift.

Stage 3 cam to suit fully built, turbocharged competition racing engine builds.

Kelford Camshafts 350Z VQ35DE Gen2 RevUp

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