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  • Tuning Required
  • Stock CP3: Capable of 500+HP
  • 42% Over CP3: Capable of 600+HP
  • 85% Over CP3: Capable of 800+HP
  • 120% Over CP3: Capable of 900+HP
  • Fits 2011-2016 6.6 Duramax


Upgrade your LML (2011-2016) Duramax with the Industrial Injection CP3 Pump Conversion for improved fuel delivery and performance. This high-quality conversion kit allows you to replace the stock CP4 pump with the more reliable and efficient CP3 pump. The Industrial Injection CP3 Pump Conversion is designed to provide consistent and precise fuel delivery, resulting in better engine performance and increased power. Perfect for both street and race applications, this conversion kit is a must-have for any Duramax owner looking to maximize their diesel engine's potential. Upgrade your fuel system with the Industrial Injection CP3 Pump Conversion and experience the difference in power and efficiency.

FITS- 2011-2016 GMC/Chevrolet Duramax w/ 6.6L LML




Industrial Injection CP3 PUMP Conversion LML (2011-2016

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