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  • Inherits the floating valve structure that was popular in the previous Greddy FV model, while improving with a more sophisticated design, easier adjustment, and even more reliability
  • A hand turning detent knob that adjusts the preload setting of the spring does not require any tools
  • The 360​° adjustable top cover eliminates the need to disassemble the top hat, to change the orientation of the hose union without any tools, greatly improving usability and ease of installation.
  • The mounting flange and inlet retain the same dimensions as previous GReddy blow-off valves (TYPE-RS, RZ, and FV) so the TYPE-FV2 can easily replaced any of the older models
  • Composite gasket, mounting bolts and nuts included


The Greddy FV2 Blow-off Valve is a reliable and durable performance blow off valve designed to withstand high boost levels and improve the response of your turbocharged engine. The FV2 features a unique adjustable actuator that allows you to fine-tune the pressure release to suit your engine's needs. It is also designed to reduce compressor surge, resulting in improved throttle response and increased turbo life. The Greddy FV2 Blow-off Valve is the perfect choice for those looking for a reliable and durable performance blow off valve.


NOTE- This is a universal fitment product. Custom work may be needed for fitment and function.




Greddy FV2 Blow-off Valve

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