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*Please select the proper thickness of the gasket for your application when adding to cart*

NOTE- Image referenced is NOT an image of the MLX head gasket, your gasket will be different from the image



Material: MLX (Multi-Layer Xtreme)

Bore Size (MM): 101



Subaru- 2007-2014 WRX with EJ255 Engine codes

               2004-2020 STI with EJ257 Engine codes


The Cometic MLX Gasket features an extra 'stopper' fold-over layer providing a torque limiting surface that prevents yielding of the combustion seal. Proprietary high temperature coatings along with embossments provide a micro seal for fluids against the head and block surface. This gasket is perfect for any engine build that requires maximum performance and reliability. It's the perfect choice for your next engine build.


PART NUMBERS (Vary depending on what gasket you select):






Cometic MLX Head gasket WRX/STI GR/VA EJ255/EJ257 (101mm Bore)

PriceFrom C$102.99
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