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  • Dramatically increases air density
  • Cooler EGTs, more MPG & constant-duty power
  • Reduces boost pressure loss
  • High-efficiency custom-machined durable cast end tanks
  • Improves Power, Durability & Fuel Economy
  • Packs cool, dense air into the cylinders
  • Wide-open inlet and outlet
  • Maximizes Boost Air
  • Lowers exhaust gas temps
  • Lower restriction for superior flow
  • 27% increase in flow volume
  • Large 3.5" boost tubes, superior aluminum end tank design
  • Includes Monster-Ram intake
  • Thick core area with impressive volume


This BANKS Cummins Intercooler Kit is specifically designed for 2006-2007 Cummins diesel engines. It's an upgraded, high-performance intercooler that increases air density and reduces turbo lag, allowing for a more powerful and efficient engine. It features a custom-engineered bar-and-plate core design for optimal cooling and durability, and a direct-fit installation for easy installation and compatibility. With this kit, you can take your engine performance to the next level and enjoy superior power and reliability.


FITS- 2006-2007 5.9L Cummins




BANKS Cummins (2006-2007) Intercooler Kit

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