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Note: Image is only a representation of the kit.  ARP doesn't have vehicle specific images.  Your kit will be specific to your vehicle.  If you have any questions about this kit, please contact us.


ARP Head Studs are high-performance fasteners designed to secure the cylinder head to the engine block in high-performance engines. The head studs are made from premium-grade materials, including aerospace-quality alloy steel and heat-treated to provide exceptional strength and durability.


One of the key advantages of ARP Head Studs is their ability to handle high levels of cylinder pressure and prevent head gasket failure. The head studs provide more clamping force than traditional head bolts, which helps to maintain proper head gasket sealing and prevent leaks .


ARP Head Studs are also designed for easy installation and maintenance. The studs are thread rolled after heat treatment, which provides a more precise and consistent thread pitch for easy installation and removal.


ARP Head Studs are available for a wide range of engine applications, including domestic and import engines, and are used in a variety of motorsports, including drag racing, road racing, and off-road racing.


Overall, ARP Head Studs are a top choice for enthusiasts and professional engine builders who demand the best in performance and reliability. With their exceptional strength, durability, and ease of installation, ARP Head Studs are an essential



Fits VG30DE and VG30DETT engine codes




ARP Pro-Series Head Stud Kit Nissan VG30

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